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Kodak Black Sued for Skipping a Concert to Go on Vacation

发布的 吉利安邮政 | 2016年6月2日 | 0评论

The Law Offices of 亚伦·雷斯尼克, P.A.'s recent lawsuit for clients suing famous rap artist Kodak Black was recently featured in the Broward New Times.

The Firm's clients sued Kodak Black and others when he allegedly fail to show for a concert in February 2016.  From Broward New Times: “The promoters' lawyer, 亚伦·雷斯尼克, gave the following statement to New Times via email:

‘The text message was completely out of the blue and without warning,” he said. 他的客户, according to Resnick, were shocked and “equally disappointed and dismayed that numerous Kodak Black fans, who purchased tickets to see him, would be let down by his decision and not be able to see him perform live.'”



吉利安邮政 is an associate attorney at the Law Offices of 亚伦·雷斯尼克, P.A. Jillian focuses her practice on commercial litigation matters, including breach of contract and business torts, alternative dispute resolution, and intellectual property. 


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